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The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) considers that Finland's
accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), on the day marking the 74 th .
anniversary of this political-military bloc, is a cause for concern, for what it represents in terms
of increase in insecurity and an increased threat to peace, given the warmongering character
of this organisation, contrary to the principles of peace, détente, disarmament, enshrined in
the United Nations Organisation Charter and in various international agreements.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) condemns and denounces, once
again, so that what happened twenty-four years ago, on March 24, 1999, does not happen
again. A military attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)
carried out by NATO under the command of the United States of America (USA), without
authorization from the United Nations Security Council and in flagrant violation of the
respective Charter, of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference, and of basic principles of

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) signals March 30, Palestinian
Land Day, remembering, as millions of Palestinians do every year, the general strike and the
large demonstrations against the illegal confiscation of Palestinian lands by Israel, when
Israeli troops murdered six young Palestinians in Galilee. This date became a milestone in the
patriotic unity of the Palestinian people in the struggle against the illegal occupation by Israel
of Palestinian territories and for the right to a free and independent Palestine.

On the occasion of the 47th. anniversary of the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, which is celebrated today, February 27, 2023, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) salutes the Sahrawi people and their legitimate representative, the Polisario Front, and reaffirms solidarity with their struggle for the fulfilment of their right to self-determination.

The Appeal "Stop the War! Give Peace a Chance", launched by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC), aimed at carrying out actions in defence of Peace, was supported by several organizations and six public initiatives were held.
It began in Viseu, on the 11th of February, and ended in Porto on the 18th of February, after, on the 16th, actions had taken place in Lisbon, Évora and Setúbal and, on the 17th, in Corroios and a human cord in Coimbra.

On February 6 and 7, regions of Syria and Turkey were strongly rocked by an earthquake that resulted in the collapse of thousands of homes, causing thousands of deaths and injuries.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation expressed its condolences to the Syrian National Peace Council and the Peace Committee of Turkey – members of the World Peace Council – expressing solidarity with the peoples of
Syria and Turkey.

In March, June and October 2022, thousands of people converged in defence of peace, in important public acts, parades and gatherings that took place throughout the country.

In 2023, we will take to the streets again because it is urgent:

To stop confrontation and war, whether in Palestine, Western Sahara, Syria, Yemen or Ukraine, with the tragic consequences and serious dangers they entail.

In a context in which we see an increasing urgent need for the adoption of positive measures and peaceful solutions to conflicts that will never be resolved through war, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation views with concern the Joint European Union-NATO
Declaration on Cooperation, adopted last January 10 th . This declaration not only does not respond to this urgent need, but is an exercise in hypocrisy, with a new and more serious threat to peace and security in Europe.


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