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In Portugal, between June 15 and 17, many responded to the call and carried out important
and significant actions in defence of peace.

The Appeal “Stop the war! Give peace a chance!" endorsed by more than 40 Portuguese
organisations and launched in May by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation,
resulted in five actions: in Porto, Coimbra, Faro, Funchal and Lisbon.
Altogether, several thousand participants, in very different ways, reaffirmed the importance
and urgency of defending peace.

In the first half of 2023, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) promoted six
Concerts for Peace in the cities of Coimbra, Gondomar, Viana do Castelo, Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia
and Setúbal, all supported by the respective City Councils and with the participation of artists, cultural
associations and art schools from those places.
The holding of Concerts for Peace, already regular in the work of the CPPC, has been a line of
intervention that has been successfully sought to be extended to more cities in the country.

It is necessary to continue to defend peace by mobilising and uniting all the wills committed to
this cause that is full of topicality and importance.
After we took to the streets in various cities across the country in March, June and October
2022, and again in February 2023, claiming peace around the world, we found that the
situation in several countries proves the urgency and the need to open and implement paths
to peace.
There are increasingly more, and they sound louder, voices that gather around the defence of

On May 12, the XIV Portugal-Morocco High Level Meeting was held in Lisbon. In the joint
declaration of this meeting, the Portuguese Government, in disregard of the inalienable right
to self-determination of the Sahrawi people, reiterated «its support for the Moroccan
autonomy initiative, presented in 2007, as a realistic, serious and credible proposal, with a
view to a solution agreed within the framework of the United Nations».
It is worth remembering that the Spanish Government had stated such an unacceptable

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) salutes the resistance of the
Palestinian people against Israeli occupation, colonisation, and oppression.
May 15 marks the 75 th . anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians
from their homes, from hundreds of villages in the historic territory of Palestine, by the
Israeli militias and army when the State of Israel was founded.
That fateful date, which the Palestinians describe as the day of the «Nakba», that is, of the

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) repudiates the recent decision
taken by the US Administration, through the Department of the Treasury, to take over the
company CITGO Petroleum Corporation, belonging to Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), and
hand it to forces of the so-called Venezuelan “opposition” that serve the policy of interference,
plunder and aggression promoted by the United States of America against the Bolivarian
Republic of Venezuela and its people.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) commemorates May 9, the date
that celebrates the victory over Nazi-fascism.

After the taking of Berlin by the Soviet Army, on May 2, and with Nazi Germany signing its
unconditional surrender on the 8 th , millions of people finally celebrate, on May 9, 1945, the
end of the most deadly and destructive war that mankind has ever known.

On April 24, 1976, a few days after the enactment of the Constitution of the Portuguese
Republic, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) was formally
constituted, heir and continuator of the peace movement that emerged in the fifties of the 20 th .
century, faced the repression of the fascist regime and fought courageously against war,
namely the colonial war, to defend peace, disarmament, solidarity and cooperation among the
peoples of the world.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, together with various social
organisations that, in their daily practice, take a clear and unequivocal public stand against
war and express sincere determination to defend the values of Peace and Solidarity among
peoples, decided to prepare and hold the III Meeting for Peace, to be held on October 28, in
Vila Nova de Gaia.
This initiative follows previous Meetings for Peace, on October 20, 2018, in Loures, and on


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