It is the duty of the people to demand from political leaders their right to live. When the lives of their species, their people and their loved ones are at such risk, no one should afford to be indifferent, nor should they waste a minute demanding respect for that right; tomorrow could be too late.
Fidel Castro Ruz, “Message against nuclear war”
October 15, 2010

Los pueblos están en el deber de exigir a los líderes políticos su derecho a vivir. Cuando la vida de su especie, de su pueblo y de sus seres más queridos corren semejante riesgo, nadie puede darse el lujo de ser indiferente, ni se puede perder un minuto en exigir el respeto a ese derecho; mañana sería demasiado tarde.

Fidel Castro Ruz, «Mensaje contra la guerra nuclear»
15 de octubre de 2010

The attack of the Israeli army against the Jenin refugee camp has been going on for some time. As a result of this attack, many Palestinians were killed and many were wounded. Some Palestinian homes were demolished and many people had to abandon their homes. Israeli forces’ current violence is the sign of a new phase in the misery that the Palestinian people have been living through for decades. Israeli attacks’ intensity is unprecedented in recent years, as its air strikes.

The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (CEBRAPAZ) vehemently denounces another episode in the ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people by Israel. This regime’s brutality is notorious and not even the mainstream media is able to continue omitting it, or the severity of its repercussions on life in Palestine, which are not only but especially evinced by the reiterated military offensives.

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses in the strongest way the condemnation of the
assault of the Israeli army against the Palestinian people at the refugee camp of Jenin. The new and
ongoing massacre of the occupation forces with more than 8 Palestinians killed and dozens of
injured, constitutes the policy of ethnic cleansing and of a slow genocide of the heavily armed state
against the Palestinian people who are for decades under occupation.
The brutality of air attacks by drones and combat jets against the refugee camp in Jenin is

In the first half of 2023, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) promoted six
Concerts for Peace in the cities of Coimbra, Gondomar, Viana do Castelo, Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia
and Setúbal, all supported by the respective City Councils and with the participation of artists, cultural
associations and art schools from those places.
The holding of Concerts for Peace, already regular in the work of the CPPC, has been a line of
intervention that has been successfully sought to be extended to more cities in the country.

It is necessary to continue to defend peace by mobilising and uniting all the wills committed to
this cause that is full of topicality and importance.
After we took to the streets in various cities across the country in March, June and October
2022, and again in February 2023, claiming peace around the world, we found that the
situation in several countries proves the urgency and the need to open and implement paths
to peace.
There are increasingly more, and they sound louder, voices that gather around the defence of

On May 12, the XIV Portugal-Morocco High Level Meeting was held in Lisbon. In the joint
declaration of this meeting, the Portuguese Government, in disregard of the inalienable right
to self-determination of the Sahrawi people, reiterated «its support for the Moroccan
autonomy initiative, presented in 2007, as a realistic, serious and credible proposal, with a
view to a solution agreed within the framework of the United Nations».
It is worth remembering that the Spanish Government had stated such an unacceptable


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