Swiss Peace Movement



The Swiss Peace Movement expresses its solidarity with the civilian population of Palestine and Israel and calls for a quick end to the fighting. The Palestine-Israel conflict cannot be resolved by force. In the current situation, an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations between all parties of the conflict are needed. However, we emphasize that the ultimate responsibility for the violence lies with the disproportionately powerful Israeli apartheid regime, which has oppressed and discriminated against the Palestinian people for decades.

Once again, the Swiss Federal Council is trying to align Switzerland closer to NATO and thus undermines Switzerland's neutrality. For years, the Swiss government has been integrating Switzerland step by step into the NATO bloc. Recent examples are Switzerland's joining the NATO Sky Shield project and the announcement of joint military exercises. Plans have now been announced for NATO to open a liaison office in Geneva. According to statements from the Swiss Foreign Ministry, the federal authorities are taking precautions “to welcome NATO to Switzerland”.

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