On this 29th of April 2020, the Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela strongly denounces the expulsion of 28 Venezuelan diplomatic officials from Brazil. The Bolsonaro Government again plays the main role as a puppet of US imperialism by expelling from Brazil the entire Venezuelan diplomatic corps and, in their place, installing in Brasilia a putschist group to represent the Venezuelan people.


For nine years the Syrian Arab Republic has been facing brutal foreign aggression.

As in Libya, shortly before, the main Western powers and their regional allies, hiding behind terrorist groups (who they arm, train and fund), imposed an aggression and destruction on the country, aiming to overthrow its government and change Syria's political-constitutional regime, control its natural resources and remove one of the main obstacles to total control of the region.

April 2, 2020
The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic was approved and promulgated on April 2, 1976. The Constitution enshrines broad democratic rights – political, social, economic and cultural – won by the Portuguese people with the April Revolution, which began on April 25, 1974, and, in particular, stipulates that Portugal's external relations be guided by the respect for sovereignty and national independence, a policy of peace, friendship and cooperation with all the peoples of the world.

April 1, 2020

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) strongly rejects the statement by the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs (MNE), on March 31, which constitutes a new and unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, an affront to the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and, consequently, a disregard for the principles of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the UN Charter and international law.

The below signed movements, organisations and individuals raise our voices in solidarity with the Venezuelan people who today are the victims of a brutal siege and criminal sanctions by imperialist powers. Today, April 19, 2020, as the 210th anniversary of the Venezuelan people's cry for independence against the domination of the former Spanish empire is commemorated, we express our firm support for the struggle of the Venezuelan people to preserve this independence and to exercise their right to sovereignty and self-determination.

Los movimientos, organizaciones e individualidades abajo firmantes, levantamos nuestras voces en solidaridad con el pueblo venezolano que hoy es víctima de un brutal asedio y criminales sanciones por parte de las potencias imperialistas. Hoy 19 de abril del 2020, al conmemorarse el 210 aniversario del grito de independencia del pueblo Venezolano contra la dominación del otrora imperio español, manifestamos nuestro firme respaldo a las luchas del pueblo venezolano por preservar su independencia y a ejercer su derecho a la soberanía y autodeterminación.


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