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The attack of the Israeli army against the Jenin refugee camp has been going on for some time. As a result of this attack, many Palestinians were killed and many were wounded. Some Palestinian homes were demolished and many people had to abandon their homes. Israeli forces’ current violence is the sign of a new phase in the misery that the Palestinian people have been living through for decades. Israeli attacks’ intensity is unprecedented in recent years, as its air strikes.

A strong earthquake on October, 30 hit the western part of Turkey and the neighbouring Greek islands in the Aegean Sea; and it caused the lives of tens of people in the province of İzmir, Turkey and the Greek island of Samos. Many more were injured and there was significant damage in both countries, especially in Turkey. The Peace Committee of Turkey expresses its solidarity with the people of Turkey, the people of Greece and the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace.

With the call of The National Memorandum Government of Libya, the bill that enables military aid to this country passed through the Turkish Grand National Assembly. This bill shows AKP's eagerness to embark on new adventures of war.
The AKP government had been a part of the imperialist aggression against Syria that began in 2011; and now it is seeking new adventures to revive these washed-out policies after the failure of the Neo-Ottomanist policies in this country.

Members and friends of the Peace Committee of Turkey convened in Istanbul last week, to discuss the current situation in Syria and WPC’s mission to this country.
A presentation was made by Aydemir Güler, who represented the Peace Committee of Turkey as part of the delegation in Damascus. Güler started by describing the aim of the mission. He continued by explaining the activities within the program.

Down with imperialism
Down with war

We condemn the attack made by the coalition comprising the USA, Britain, France and Israel on Syria.

This attack once again showed that imperialism is content with stupid pretexts for declaring war. There is no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. And there is no reason for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons and shoot itself, at a moment when it is defeating the jihadist gangs.


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