Statement of Peace Committee of Turkey on Syria

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Down with imperialism
Down with war

We condemn the attack made by the coalition comprising the USA, Britain, France and Israel on Syria.

This attack once again showed that imperialism is content with stupid pretexts for declaring war. There is no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. And there is no reason for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons and shoot itself, at a moment when it is defeating the jihadist gangs.

What has happened is very clear. The fact that the Syrian government exerted its authority in a big part of Syria has brought the end of the war closer. The victory has reinforced the contentiousness of the presence of the foreign forces and other autonomous groups. Under the conditions where the official and legitimate government exerts control and security of the country, Western imperialism, Middle East reaction, every kind of occupation and secessionism, would lose its ground. The West cannot accept this, cannot accept the return of peace and territorial integrity. The only thing that the USA knows is gaining benefit from the chaos it has created by bloodshed.

This attack means disregarding international law for a millionth time. There is no legal foundation for the attack.

This attack proves how the USA needs war to continue its world domination and how the most militarist and monopolist capital circles in the USA needs war to continue their decisiveness.

This attack is a big provocation. There is no possibility for the aggressors to get away with this. Bombs will trigger new bombs.

The Peace Committee of Turkey declares one again that it is in solidarity with the patriotic people of Syria, its forces of resistance and peace.

The imperialist coalition once again started from a totally erroneous judgement on Syria. It had been proven by the war taking place for so many years, that everyone who thought that Syria would surrender to jihadist gangs and would be shattered into pieces by them was wrong. The people of Syria put on a patriotic resistance by holding onto their country and secularism. This resistance will not be broken.

In 2011, the Turkish government undertook the role of patronage for the jihadist gangs and was full of eagerness for occupation. The government, which did not refrain from war crimes, crimes against humanity is one of the prime liable parties of the human tragedy, the massive migration, which it still exploits. For some time, a position against Assad has not been enough for warmongering; so, the government used aggressiveness against the Kurds and an anti-American demagogy. The government, which is pretending to be anti-American, now lets the İncirlik air base to be used for the attacks and is waiting for the new conditions to arise. The declaration made by the government that they are content with the attack, is the most clear proof for this.

The government has put our country in the position of an occupying force in Syria, with collaboration with the jihadist mercenaries, named the Free Syrian Army. There is no relationship between Afrin and our country's security. Presence of Turkish military forces in Syria has only one meaning: the government tries to has its part in imperialist intervention. The dimension, which the war has acquired shows that this attempt is a big strategic error. The government will try to use the latest attack as a new pretext for the military presence in Syria. Whereas, the Turkish military forces are caught in a quagmire in the north of Syria.

The Peace Committee of Turkey calls on the Turkish military forces deployed abroad, to be withdrawn immediately.

The fact that any facility within our country, the bases, the air space have been used in the attack, is an unforgivable mistake and crime.

The Peace Committee of Turkey calls on all peace-loving forces, the working people who will receive the biggest harm from the war, our Syrian sisters and brothers who took refuge in our country to have a firm position against the imperialist attack.