WPC mission to Syria discussed in Istanbul

Monday, November 19, 2018

Members and friends of the Peace Committee of Turkey convened in Istanbul last week, to discuss the current situation in Syria and WPC’s mission to this country.
A presentation was made by Aydemir Güler, who represented the Peace Committee of Turkey as part of the delegation in Damascus. Güler started by describing the aim of the mission. He continued by explaining the activities within the program.
Then Güler talked about the activities of the Peace Committee of Turkey against the imperialism-led aggression in Syria, which started in 2011. Many demonstrations and public meetings were organised by the Committee, especially in the first years of the aggression, to enlighten the people about the true nature of the events going on in this country. The Committee emphasised the imperialism dimension in the so-called Arab Spring and what happened in Syria was an extension of this process. Events were organised in different cities in Turkey, and especially in Hatay, the province that neighbours Syria.
Güler went on to discuss the current situation and future prospects in Syria. He stressed that the government succeeded in overcoming the attacks, especially by involving the Syrian people within the struggle, and turned it into a popular struggle.
The meeting ended with many questions and opinions from the audience.