Statement on Increasing US Threat

Saturday, February 27, 2021

It is useless to expect democracy from imperialism

US threat on our region is increasing

As soon as the Biden administration came to power, it started taking fast steps with regards to imperialist goals. Following successive statements, the first attempts came in a matter of days, in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, in which Turkey is also located.

The US forces launched an airstrike towards certain buildings in eastern Syria, that the Pentagon said were used by "Iranian-backed militias." It was stated that these strikes were in retaliation for the missile attacks on the US forces based in Iraq. On the other hand, independent resources claimed that more than 20 people were killed in the US attacks.

The Pentagon claimed that the strike was carefully calibrated, proportionate and defensive. Thus, the US administration once again initiated their so-called "defensive" strikes, thousands of kilometres away from the US mainland.

It is clear that the USA will reinforce its military presence in Syria and Iraq in the near future; and will use this presence to make the situation in both countries even more complicated.

Another recent development is the deployment of US Army units in the port of Alexandroupolis, a city in Greece located right next to the border between this country and Turkey. As it is well known, the US military presence in Greece has been growing in recent years. The current government is paving the way for growing this presence even more.

On top of all these, an increasing number of warships belonging to the USA and other NATO countries are navigating the Black Sea, as imperialism's mobility in the Black Sea region is intensifying.

It should also be remembered that only several months ago, the USA lifted the arms embargo on Cyprus, and the island became open to more militarisation.

All these developments, taking place at a moment in which the USA is trying to make more room for itself by using the diverse contradictions in the region, will only escalate the tensions and increase the danger upon the all peoples.

The Turkish people and all others in the region should be more alert to the imperialist interventions and the struggle for peace must be intensified.

Peace Committee of Turkey

February 27, 2020