Friday, October 11, 2019

The air and land operation initiated by the Turkish Armed Forces will be deepening the chaos that Syria has been going through for a long time. It will have negative effects for Turkey herself. And definitely, it will have its consequences for the Middle East in general.

The AKP government started this operation by compromising with the US government. It is not possible for the USA to accept this compromise without keeping her own best interests in mind. The very limited withdrawal of the US forces from the area is a proof of this. In the recent past the AKP government (hypocritically) almost declared the USA as an enemy; now it has reached an agreement with it, in compliance with the US interests.

USA's decision has once again shown that it is not possible to establish friendship with imperialist powers. Peace or freedom will not be achieved by thinking that people can be friends with imperialism, that the solution lies with autonomous administration or regionalism, that a path can be carved by nationalism. On the contrary, these will deepen the chaos.

Turkey has once again snubbed Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Our soldiers should return home immediately. Syria's sovereignty should be respected.

Turkey initiated this operation with the pretext of maintaining its own security. However, in the framework explained above, this step has weakened Turkey's security. Turkey's discourse of explaining the operation as a means of returning the Syrian refugees to their homeland is sheer hypocrisy.

If a threat to security is to be found, one should look elsewhere. The real threat to security is imperialism.

Turkey and all others must respect Syria's territorial integrity. All imperialist forces should be withdrawn from Syria and the Middle East. This is the only way to achieve peace. Syrians must decide on their country's own future.