A lo largo de décadas la causa palestina ha concitado la solidaridad de innumerables organizaciones, de variada índole, y los más diversos actores sociales del orbe.
En las últimas semanas, una vez más, se alzan voces desde todos los rincones condenando las más recientes masacres de las que ha sido víctima ese noble pueblo. El asesinato de niños, mujeres, ancianos, jóvenes y población en general, vuelve a ser la tónica que distingue el accionar del gobierno de Israel, empeñado en acabar, por todas las vías, con esa nación árabe.

It is with deep sorrow and pain to announce the passing away of our beloved comrade Pashupati Chaulagain who lost his life on 11th May 2021 in the age of 61 due to the Covid-19. Our comrade Pashupati was one of the founders of the Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council (NPSC) and had dedicated his entire life to the struggle for a just world, free from imperialist aggressions and exploitation.

The World Peace Council expresses its vehement condemnation of the brutal oppression of Palestinians in the occupied Jerusalem by Israeli security forces and armed settlers. We denounce in particular the attack on Palestinian civilians around the Al Aqsa Mosque and the violent efforts for evictions of Palestinian families in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah of Jerusalem.

Within the framework of the public initiatives promoted by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) on the 14th and 15th of April under the motto «For Peace! No to war, to sanctions and embargoes!», a campaign was carried out with the following demands:

- End to the USA’s embargo against Venezuela

- End the aggression to Syria

- For a free and independent Palestine

- End to the USA’s embargo against Cuba

- End to the occupation of Western Sahara

- No to the militarization of the EU

- Yes to Peace, No to NATO


The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation organized a Public act with the motto: Public act for peace - No to war, no to sanctions and blockades! The public event was opened to subscription and more than 23 organization cosigned and participated in the Public Acts that took place Lisbon and in Porto, which counted with strong public support.

Public act for peace

No to war, no to sanctions and blockades!

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) welcomes the 45th anniversary of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (CPR), approved and promulgated on April 2, 1976, which enshrined broad democratic rights - political, social, economic and cultural - achieved by the Portuguese people with the April Revolution, which began on April 25, 1974, and put an end to fascism and colonialism, pointing, in particular, to a new direction for Portugal's foreign relations based on respect for national sovereignty and independence, on a policy of peace, friendship and cooperation with all

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its grief for the passing of the beloved and respected comrade Roland Weyl, a committed Communist French Lawyer, who dedicated his long life to the just causes of the peoples and their rights. In his 102 years of life Roland Weyl championed with modesty in defending hundreds of political activists and social fighters in various countries, the struggles of the people of Algeria, Palestine, Cuba among many others were always in his heart.


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