The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its condemnation to the decision of the Turkish authorities to suspend some hundreds of Social Organisations and Movements for three months under the pretext of investigating them for alleged relations with "terrorist actions". Amongst them is the Peace Association (Baris Dernegi), which is the historical member of the WPC and of its Exceutive Committee.

The activities of the Peace Association of Turkey were suspended for 3 months. The decision taken by the Turkish Ministry of Interior for suspending the activities of many organisations is another example of lawlessness of the government. The ministry does not have such a right. This decision is not even based on a State of Emergency decree. This shows that the arbitrary steps taken by the government are not even tried to be disguised by law. The Peace Association of Turkey will escalate its struggle through political and legal ways against this attack.

End to the encroachment and aggression

For the respect of Syria's sovereignty and independence

For more than five years Syria and its people have faced a cruel aggression, resulting from foreign encroachment and the terror action of mercenary groups, financed, trained and armed by the US, France, the UK, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar among other countries. A war of aggression that caused hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, millions of displaced and refugees, the destruction of a country, with all that means for the life of workers and the people in general.

El criminal bloqueo imperialista impuesto por Estados Unidos contra la Cuba revolucionaria se prolonga durante más de cinco décadas y se renueva anualmente por el gobierno de Estados Unidos a través de una ley anacrónica de 1917, entre otras normativas. En este 26 de Oct., 2016, sin embargo, la 25ª vez cuando los miembros de las Naciones Unidas votaron a favor de una resolución en contra del bloqueo en la Asamblea General, un marco histórica fue la abstención de los EE.UU., que antes se opuseron constantemente a las resoluciones que masivamente condenaron su política de interferencia.

The criminal and imperialist blockade imposed by the United States against the revolutionary Cuba drags on for more than five decades and is annually renewed by the US government through an anachronistic law dated 1917, among other regulations. In this Oct. 26, 2016, however, the 25th time when the United Nations' members voted for a resolution against the blockade at the General Assembly, a historic score was marked by the abstention from the US, which consistently opposed the resolutions that massively condemned its policy of interference.


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