67 years from the beginning of the US war against the Korean People

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dear Friends,

The coming 25th of June marks the 67th year since the US unleashed war on Korean peninsula.
The atrocities the US committed during the Korean War(1950-1953) were the most heinous and inhumane war crimes unprecedented in the world history of war.
After starting the Korean war, the US prattled that “78 cities of north Korea would be wiped off the map”. More than 428,000 bombs were dropped on Pyongyang alone, the number more than that of Pyongyang citizens at that time. At the time, the US had completely reduced the whole territory of Korea into ashes by showering bombs of nearly 600,000 tons, 3.7 times greater than those dropped on Japan during the Pacific War, even using napalm bombs prohibited by the international conventions.
The US massacred more than 1 231 540 civilians in the northern part of Korea during the three-year war.
The US outrages are the A-class war crimes of genocide when compared to territorial size and population of Korea.
At the time of provoking the war, US vaunted that it would wind up the war in 3 days with the deployment of over 2 million multinational forces but ended up experiencing bitter defeat unprecedented in its history.
With the concluding of an armistice agreement on July 27th, 1953, the Korean war was suspended but peace is not settled on the Korean peninsula yet.
The armistice agreement specified that a political meeting should be held within 3 months after the ceasefire to discuss the problems of pulling all the foreign forces out of Korea and settling the Korean issue peacefully.
However, owing to the Asia domination strategy of the US, the political meeting could not be held and the Geneva meeting for the peaceful settlement of the Korean issue came to a rupture.
After the war, the DPRK has consistently insisted that the armistice agreement be replaced with a peace pact, but the US refused doggedly. Rather, it openly put the DPRK on the list of targets of “preemptive nuclear strike”. On the basis of setting up the policy not to coexist with the DPRK, the US has constantly been driving the situation on Korean peninsula to the brink of war by frequently staging large-scale military maneuvers.
The DPRK had unavoidably chosen the way of nuclear arms in order to safeguard the national sovereignty and right to existence from reckless nuclear blackmail of the US.
The DPRK’s line of developing economic construction and nuclear arms simultaneously is an unique solution not only to safeguard the national sovereignty and right to existence of the nation but also the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
The current US administration is trying to get a concession from DPRK through employing so-called “Maximum pressure and engagement”, but the era, in which US forced its will, has gone forever. We value the peace but do not fear war nor try to avoid it. The more US resorts to aggression and war maneuvers, it will only result in the most miserable downfall.
We expect that you, same as before, would extend invariable support and solidarity to Korean people in their just struggle to eradicate war danger on the Korean peninsula and to realise the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.

Korean National Peace Committee
June 24th, 2017 Pyongyang