Saluting the victory of the "Freedom and Dignity" protest, and the end of the hunger strike last, Saturday May 27th, held by the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, following negotiations and the commitment by Israeli authorities to meet several of the protesters demands, we divulge a text cosigned by 25 Portuguese organizations made public on May 25th:

On 17 April, about 1500 Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons for resisting occupation and repression launched a hunger strike, the «strike for freedom and dignity».

The Cyprus Peace Council, responding to the World Peace Council's call for anti-NATO actions in its member countries, organizes in view of the NATO Summit in Brussels on May 25-26, an anti-NATO event under the slogan "Neither Cyprus in NATO - Nor NATO in Cyprus". The event will take place on Friday, May 26th at 19:00 at the Castle Square in Larnaca. The event will be attended by organized groups of Turkish Cypriots as well as immigrants.

Today marks one month since around 1500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails started a hunger strike, protesting the denial by Israeli authorities to respect basic rights, enshrined in international law, like access to medical care, against the torture and other forms of violence they endure and for the right to receive family visits, amongst other demands.

On May 2 2017 peace loving people of many countries remembered the third anniversary of the fascist masacre in the Trade Union House Odessa. The Czech Peace Movement together with other Czech peace and anti-fascist organizations commemorated on Wenceslas Square in Prague dozens of victims of this fascist muredrous attack in Odessa. Representative of the Czech Peace Movement Milan Krajča, underlined the importance to rember crime i Odessa three years ago as well as the role imperialism played in Ukraine openly supporting fascist and reactionary forces.

It is with revolt and concern that we follow the news of the arbitrary political process instituted by the Kingdom of Morocco against more than twenty Sahrawi activists, a process that has been dragged for seven years by authorities of a regime of military occupation.

According to international observers, the trials of 25 Sahrawis who have dared to participate in a peaceful protest in Gdeim Izik in 2010, in resistance against the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, are biased and unjust, destined to play a role in a farce in which the Moroccan regime is supposedly democratic.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation and other Portuguese organizations are developing a number of initiatives denouncing NATO's and its Brussels summit, throughout Portugal, that will culminate in street initiatives in Lisbon and Oporto on the 24th and 25th of May respectively.


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