A statement from the Canadian Peace Congress

On August 6 and 9, 1945, the U.S. military bombed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons. Over 200,000 people, mostly civilians, died instantly or later succumbed to burns, malnutrition, and radiation-related illnesses. Many of their descendants carry the affected genes and pass them onto their children. Those acts will forever be remembered in infamy as the first time the devastating impact of nuclear warfare was unleashed.

É com enorme preocupação e alarme que fomos informados de que, após anos de batalha judicial em que residentes do bairro Wadi Hummus, em Sur Baher, Jerusalém Oriental (Palestina ocupada), desafiaram a ocupação israelense, o Ministério da Defesa do estado ocupante mandou cumprir a ordem de demolição de dezenas de residências palestinas neste 22 de julho.

It is with utmost concern and alarm that we are informed that, after years of a judicial battle in which residents of the Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood in Sur Baher, East Jerusalem (occupied Palestine) defied Israeli occupation, the Ministry of Defense of the occupying state ordered the demolition of dozens of Palestinian homes, which started early this July 22.

Recebemos com grande consternação e revolta a notícia da morte da jovem saaráui Sabah Othman Ahmeida (Injourni), de 24 anos de idade, que foi atropelada por um carro da polícia marroquina durante a repressão brutal de um protesto na capital do Saara Ocidental ocupado, El Aaiun, em 20 de julho.

Recibimos con gran consternación y revuelta la noticia de la muerte de Sabah Othman Ahmadida (Injourni), de 24 años, quien fue atropellada por un coche de la policía marroquí durante la brutal represión de una manifestación en la capital del Sahara Occidental ocupado, El Aaiun, el 20 de julio.

We received with great consternation and revolt the news of the death of the 24-year-old Sabah Othman Ahmadida (Injourni), who was struck by a Moroccan police car during the brutal repression of a demonstration in the capital of occupied Western Sahara, El Aaiun, on July 20.

The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (CEBRAPAZ) joins the various entities in solidarity with the Saharawi people in the most vehement condemnation of the brutal episodes of repression of demonstrations on July 20, in El Aaiun, the capital of Western Sahara, occupied by Morocco. In the episode, the Moroccan police ran over and killed the 24-year-old young woman Sabah Othman Ahmeida (Injourni) and delayed in giving her medical attention. Sabah died later in the hospital.

The recent violent protests in Hong Kong have focussed on the alleged unfairness of a proposed law permitting the extradition of criminal suspects for crimes committed elsewhere on the Chinese mainland. The protest organizers claim that the extradition agreement would be used to target “activists” in Hong Kong opposing Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong. But the proposed extradition law is similar to that existing between provinces in Canada, the United States and most other countries.


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