Committee against war Milan (CCLGM, Comitato Contro la Guerra Milano), celebrated 74th anniversary of The Liberation of Italy from Nazi-fascism by participating in the official national parade in Milan on 25 of April 2019, by carryng four large banners and two smaller ones, the first big banner "La brigata Garibaldi Immortale " (Immortal Brigade Garibaldi) in wich the CCLGM remembers both the fallen partisans and communist fighters of the Garibaldi Partisan Brigades during the WWII.

On the 21 April, the World Peace Council celebrates its 70th anniversary. It has always struggled against wars, denounced the imperialist system, cultivated solidarity among peoples and united with democratic and peace-loving forces. The WPC, its member organizations and friendly entities prioritize the strengthening of unity and the breadth of its action to face the growing threats in our struggle for peace.

By Socorro Gomes*

On Friday March 15th 2019 the Czech Peace Movement together with other anti-war and anti-fascist organizations commemorated the 80th anniversary of the German Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. The commemorative meeting took place on Wenceslas Square in Prague. Among other speakers there was also the chairman of the Czech Peace Movement Milan Krajca who underlined the importance not only of the defence of the historical truth, but also of the contemporary struggle against today's danger of fascism and war.

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In repudiation of Trump's decision on the Golan Heights, we demand of the international community unequivocal rejection!

In outrage and indignation, we condemn yet another of the arbitrary and illegitimate decisions of US President Donald Trump, who on Monday officially recognized Israeli sovereignty over Syrian territory, the Golan Heights, which was militarily occupied by Israel in the War of June 1967.


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