Cyprus Peace Council


At the same time as the peoples throughout the world, and particularly in Europe, are demanding that they want Peace, in a climate of economic crisis and vicious austerity imposed by the governments of the European Union, thousands of children in the Middle East and Africa are dying in their attempts to reach a country that will offer them the bare minimum to survive and for a life with prospects, as well as many other children of their age. Imperialism’s machines are being reloaded to kill even more of these children. In this context.

With the participation of many Palestinians and Cypriots a demonstration took place in Nicosia against Israeli barbarity, on last Saturday July 12th, outside Israeli Embassy. The demonstration was organized by the Palestinian Community in Cyprus and supported by Cyprus Peace Council (CPC). Many of Cyprus Peace Council members were present at the demonstration, amongst them the President of CPC Sylva Tiggiridou, the GS of CPC Christos Kourtellaris and the Secretariat members Akis Phokas and Charis Pashias. EDON also responded at Cyprus Peace Council’s call for participation in the activity.


The fourth meeting of the anti-imperialist peace movements of Turkey, Cyprus and Greece took place in Chania on October 19th - 20th under the auspices of the World Peace Council. In a particularly friendly and constructive atmosphere, the delegations of the three countries agreed on the following joint communiqué:

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