“A World of Peace is Possible”
Guantánamo, May 4, 5, 6, 2017
The Fifth International Seminar for Peace and the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases was held again in Guantánamo, the easternmost Cuban province and first anti-imperialist trench of America because part of its territory is illegally occupied by a foreign military base against the will of its people.

É com extrema preocupação que acompanhamos as notícias de que o Brasil, o Peru e a Colômbia incluirão tropas dos Estados Unidos num exercício militar conjunto na tríplice fronteira amazônica, em novembro deste ano. É sintomático que o convite para a participação estadunidense tenha partido do Brasil, segundo a mídia nacional, onde a população vive o pós-golpe de Estado sob a ameaça das políticas reacionárias e servis ao império promovidas por um governo ilegítimo.

Con gran preocupación, seguimos las noticias según las cuales Brasil, Perú y Colombia incluirán tropas estadounidenses en un ejercicio militar conjunto en la región fronteriza amazónica, en noviembre. Es sintomático que esta invitación a la participación de Estados Unidos fuera hecha por Brasil, según los medios de comunicación nacionales, donde la población vive en post-golpe de estado, bajo políticas reaccionarias subordinadas al imperio y promovidas por un gobierno ilegítimo.

With great concern, we follow the news according which Brazil, Peru and Colombia will include US troops in a joint military exercise in the Amazon border region, in November. It is symptomatic that this invitation for US participation was made by Brazil, according to the domestic media, where the population lives in post-coup d'etat, under reactionary policies subservient to the empire and promoted by an illegitimate government.

The WPC is expressing its serious concerns about the accelerating offensive of the Israeli occupation regime in Palestine, with the continuation of the settlements in the West Bank, the arrests and harassments of Palestinians, even of children and the rhetoric and efforts for the judaization of Israel, along with the impasse of the negotiations for a solution in the Palestinian problem because of the Israeli side, which is receiving full backing from the USA and the EU.

Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) of Ireland has published a booklet on the “Battle Groups” of the European Union. Attached you can find it; and the respective link to their website is: http://www.pana.ie/download/Battlegroups-Booklet.pdf

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) alerts to the gravity of the situation in the Korean Peninsula, following the reinforcement of the US presence and the intensification of its military pressure against the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea (DPRK), and to the unpredictable and dramatic consequences of a military escalation in this region.

The first Regional meeting of the region of Europe will be held in Berlin on 29th and 30th April, hosted by the German Peace Council. The Meeting will be chaired by the Regional Coordinator Ilda Figuereido from Portugal and attended as well by the General Secretary of the WPC, Thanassis Pafilis and the Executive Secretary Iraklis Tsavdaridis.
The Organisations expected to participate are so far the following:


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