In a provocative, irresponsible measure that goes against all of the democratic and progressive forces’ efforts for a fair political solution to the situation in Palestine – where a people faces heroically one century of colonization and five decades of Israeli military occupation – the US opened up its Embassy in Jerusalem on the 14th of May, as ordered by President Donald Trump.

The Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) denounces Israel’s murderous attack on the Palestinian people, resulting in more than fifty dead and hundreds of injured Palestinians who were demonstrating for their return to the Palestinian territories occupied by the State of Israel. All these atrocities in Gaza were being committed as the state of Israel was celebrating its 70th anniversary since its establishment and at the same time as celebrations were ongoing for the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

The World Peace Council (WPC) denounces strongly to the peoples of the world the recent and still ongoing massacre of the Israeli army against peaceful Palestinian protesters in the Gaza strip. This new brutal crime of the occupation regime shows its cruel face and proves the arrogance of a heavily armed state which denies for more than 70 years the right for an independent State for the Palestinians, as it ought to have happened according to the UN Resolution 181 in 1947.

El Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberanía de los Pueblos, les extiende su mano amiga y manifiesta su incondicional apoyo y solidaridad con el Presidente de Nicaragua Daniel Ortega Saavedra, la Vicepresidenta Rosario Murillo Zambrana, el Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional y su revolucionario y patriótico pueblo, en momentos en que se intenta desestabilizar la paz de la nación.

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Iran nuclear deal is a dangerous and irresponsible move, rightly condemned by the international community.

The ground-breaking 2015 deal achieved its central aim: Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons programme. Only a president hellbent on making the world a more dangerous place would consider such a belligerent and counterproductive move. It will be seen as a step towards war and sends a threatening message to the world.

The march to a growing militarization and generalized imperialist war in the Middle East must be halted

The confirmed missile attack on the evening of Sunday 29 April on a number of Syrian airbases has raised the tension massively in the Middle East. According to “Tishreen”, Syrian newspaper, quoted from sources claiming: “The recent attack on the headquarters in Aleppo and Hama provinces started from the British and American bases in northern Jordan, and nine ballistic missiles were fired in the attack”.

É com grande satisfação e esperança que as forças anti-imperialistas e da paz saúdam o mais recente evento da reaproximação entre os líderes coreanos, o Encontro de Alto Nível Coreano na Casa da Paz, em Panmunjom, em 27 de abril, que resultou em um consistente e auspicioso compromisso.

"Não haverá mais guerra na Península Coreana e assim se inicia uma nova era de paz", afirma a declaração bilateral do encontro. Fica evidente que o desejo do povo coreano é a paz, a prosperidade partilhada e a unificação.

It is with great satisfaction and hope that the anti-imperialist and peace forces celebrate the most recent event in the rapprochement between the Korean leaders, the Inter-Korean Summit Meeting in the House of Peace, in Panmunjom, on the 27th of April, which resulted in a consistent and auspicious commitment.

“There will be no more war on the Korean Peninsula and thus a new era of peace has begun”, the meeting’s bilateral declaration states. It is evident that the Korean people yearn for peace, shared prosperity and unity.

Commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the death of National Artist Vitezslav Nezval (1900 – 1958) took place on Thursday April 5th 2018 in front of the house of this famous Czechoslovakian poet in Prague, Czech Republic.

The commemorative meeting speakers included Meritorious Artist and president of the Union of Czech Writers Karel Sys, chairwoman of the Prague Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia and member of the Prague City Assembly Marta Semelova and chairman of the Czech Peace Movement, Milan Krajca.


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