The world peace movement, the progressive forces and defenders of social justice, sovereignty and solidarity have marked, a few days ago, the five years since the passing of Comandante Hugo Chávez, whose arrival in the Venezuelan Government has brought historical achievements to the people. The hard work for overcoming so many decades of plunder, domination and oppression while affirming national sovereignty had only begun and the reactionary forces, supported by the imperialist powers, began their eager activity to prevent the continuity of the process.

The solidarity movement and the World Peace Council have reiterated their support to the efforts of Korean rapprochement and for de-escalation of tensions in the Korean Peninsula, for security and peace in the region and the world. Therefore, they have emphatically denounced the imperialist interference that the US maintains and deepens in the region especially since the 1950s, through war and the division of Korea.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) guaranteeing sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and the wide autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia, is the highest binding legal document that obliges all members to this World Organization, including the member states of the EU, NATO, the OSCE, the OIC, the AU, and the EAU. Resolution 1244 is the only reliable basis and the framework for any negotiations concerning status.

It is with great concern that the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation faces the ongoing deepening of the militarization process of the European Union (EU). Militarism is, together with the curtailment of State sovereignty by supranational institutions dominated by the big powers and the promotion of neoliberal policies, who attack economic and social rights, one of the pillars of the EU — the creation of a future European army, despite the persisting contradictions, is an objective long pursued by the major European powers.

The peace forces have regarded with optimism Syria’s successes in facing the political crisis, the terrorist groups and the foreign aggressions. In January, the Congress of Syrian National Dialogue has offered important results and the national forces have accumulated victories against those paid by US imperialists and their allies. The failure of the imperialist campaign for the overthrow of the Syrian government and the success of efforts for a political and sovereign solution become evident.

Con renovada alarma y repudio, otra vez denunciamos al imperialismo estadounidense por su intromisión en los asuntos de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, reafirmada por el secretario de Estado Rex Tillerson, quien sugirió que el gobierno del Presidente Nicolás Maduro podría ser derrocado por el ejército venezolano.

Com renovado alarme e repúdio, voltamos a denunciar o imperialismo estadunidense em sua ingerência nos assuntos da República Bolivariana da Venezuela, reafirmada pelo secretário de Estado Rex Tillerson, que sugeriu que o governo do presidente Nicolás Maduro poderia ser derrubado pelo exército venezuelano.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is ever more isolated, politically and diplomatically. It is clear that the US imperialism is nothing else but an ally of the racist, colonialist and criminal occupying power, which is Israel. It is up to the international movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people to strengthen the struggle for its liberation, driving the US away, once and for all, from the role of mediator. This is also the position defended by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), in a statement released this Monday (15th of January).

By Socorro Gomes*


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