The World Peace Council stresses the centrality of the Palestinian
issue for the Peace in the region and its firm position on the
Palestinian matter as the crucial issue in the Middle East conflict.
Commenting on the Israeli-Emirati (United Arab Emirates-UAE)
agreement to normalize relations between them under US auspices, we
underline that peace in the Middle East will only be achieved by
resolving the Palestinian issue on the basis of UN resolutions ,
international law and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

European organisations members of the World Peace Council, committed to their long-standing struggle for peace and friendship among peoples, concerned with imperialism’s aggressive action, particularly of US imperialism, and its repercussions on the current world situation, recall and stress the importance of defending principles of international law, essential to the pursuit of peace, and signalling important events related to them.

At the time when the current Israeli government has announced plans, on July 1, to carry out a new annexation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) once again denounces and condemns these plans of annexation, recalling that the serious situation of the Palestinians is due to the illegal Zionist occupation of their territory and the international support of the United States of America, who support Israel militarily and economically and provide political and diplomatic coverage for its crimes.

This August 6 and 9, humanity rememorates one of the greatest tragedies in History, which was even more nefarious because it was caused by human action, that of US imperialism. The inauguration of nuclear weapons by the United States against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, towards the end of World War II, concluded the most horrendous episode of the 20th century, foretelling the terror and the threat of total annihilation that would befall the world, imposing immediate and protracted, unmeasurable suffering to Japanese civilians.

The announcement of the US Embassy in Cyprus, which states the intention of the US to offer military education and training to the Republic of Cyprus, represents a huge provocation against the Cypriot people. It also stressed that this cooperation acts as an effective means of defending US national security!

Against the annexation of Palestinian territories by Israel, but also
against the Israeli criminal policy and its imperialist allies against
the Palestinian people, mass organisations, students and workers
demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy of Athens on 1st July at the
invitation of EEDYE. Holding Palestinian flags and wearing Palestinian
scarves the demonstrators from the Greek Peace Committee (EEDYE), the
Federation of Greek Women (OGE), The Greek Committe for International


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