Em nome da presidência do Conselho Mundial da Paz, repudiamos com todas as nossas forças a escalada das ações militares do governo golpista da Ucrânia contra os movimentos federalistas do Sul e Leste do país, assim como o apoio explícito que este governo vem dando às ações criminosas cometidas por neonazistas.

On behalf of the Presidency of the World Peace Council, we repudiate with all of our forces the growing of military actions of the government of Ukraine against federalist movements of the East and the South of the country, as well as the explicit support, which this govern is giving to criminal actions committed by Neo-Nazis.

The WPC denounces strongly the recent massacre of Odessa where reactionary fascist groups, set on fire the locked Trade Union building of the city,with hundreds of protesters seeking protection inside the building on Friday 2nd May 2014. The clear murderous attempt was completed when the protesters were trying to escape from the fire by jumping from the windows of the mentioned building and the armed gangs were beating and shooting these people to death.


Once again the U.S. peace movement is silent in the face of another coup d’état that is being promoted as a democratic uprising. Troops are moving, war threats are being thrown.

Peace Organizations must urgently act to illuminate the travesty of justice that is taking place. We spoke together for negotiations with Iran. We must raise our voices now.


The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its deep concern about the situation in the Ukraine after the installation of the new government in Kiev by the imperialists of the European Union, NATO and the U.S., hand in hand with reactionary neo - Nazi groups who were active throughout the last time in the country. On the backs of the Ukrainian people the last few months a dangerous and bloody game was played by US, E.U.

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