War criminals will account for their crimes

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On May 29, video footage of ammunition transport to the Islamist groups in Syria by the Turkish secret service agents was published. The Peace Association of Turkey made a statement regarding this footage.

1000 mortar projectiles, 1000 shells, 50,000 machine gun bullets, 30,000 heavy machine gun bullets!

We were not surprised, because it was not necessary to guess; we knew it.

All of the leading figures of the governing party in Turkey, AKP, especially Tayyip Erdoğan (former prime minister and current president), Ahmet Davutoğlu (former minister of foreign affairs and current prime minister) and Hakan Fidan (former head of the National Intelligence Organisation - MIT) are guilty of war crimes. This is what we knew. We had published a report on the war crimes committed by AKP and made the relevant official complaints accordingly. To do this, we did not have to wait for the incident that took place in January 2014, in which ammunition transported by MIT to the Islamists in Syria, was seized by other security forces in Turkey.

The figures given above, comprise only a small amount of the total military supplies sent to Syria. Everybody in the bordering region to Syria, officials, journalists, citizens who have witnessed this kind of transportation many times, know that what is in question is not a just a few lorries, but countless convoys.

The criminals will account for their crimes. They cannot get away with this.

The question in Turkey, where general elections will be held in a week's time is this: Will the parties that are candidates for the government or that will enter the parliament, come to terms with the war criminals or not? To be a peace advocate, words are not enough. The parties that on one side are seeking ways to compromise, form a coalition or prefer a faction of AKP, cannot deal with war criminals on the other side.

The proof of the war crimes, that was published in the daily Cumhuriyet newspaper today, is the point where the speech ends. Criminals, their accomplices, those that are part of the massacres... All of them will account for their crimes!