The tensions in the Aegean should be relieved right away

Friday, February 3, 2017

The tensions between Turkey and Greece are on the rise again. The Aegean issue, which has been used by the bourgeois governments of both countries against each other for decades, is becoming a point of crisis, after a relatively long period of silence.

To retaliate for the Greek Supreme Court's decision not to extradite the 8 Turkish officers that have taken part in the coup attempt of July 15th, a military delegation headed by the Turkish military Chief of Staff, Hulusi Akar, visited the Imia/Kardak islets. These islets had been a point of crisis over 20 years ago. After this visit, the Greek Minister of Defense, Kammenos visited the region, too. Navies of both countries started facing each other around the islets.

Apparently, the Aegean issue, which for decades had been used as an instrument for promoting chauvinistic feelings among the workers of both countries against each other, is being heated up. These chauvinistic feelings have helped the bourgeois governments of both sides to instigate nationalistic tendencies, continue their power and consolidate their hegemony on the working classes of both countries. Of course, this has been shaped with the consent of imperialism.

However, this game should be prevented by the peoples of both countries. The Aegean Sea should be a sea where peace and friendship, not hostilities, should reign. In order to achieve this, workers of both countries have to advocate peace.

Peace Committee of Turkey