Reaction is the enemy of peace

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The latest bomb attack in Istanbul, Turkey, has only added to the misery haunting the country and the region in recent years.

The ostensible culprit is again Daesh. A suicide bomber killed 10 innocent people, this time tourists visiting Istanbul.

As all the other previous incidences have proven, the real culprit behind the attack is the establishment and its executive powers. This power in Turkey is the reactionary governing party AKP. AKP has been supporting not only Daesh but all of the other reactionary gangs in Syria and Iraq for a long time. As concrete evidence shows, by all means, Turkey has been a base for these gangs for attacking the Syrian people. Consequently, AKP is the centre of war crimes committed against the Syrian people and the humanity.

AKP, has been regarded by some progressive and peace movements as a force bringing democratisation to Turkey. They thought that demands for peace and other progressive demands could be expressed together with religious reactionary demands. History has once again proven that this is impossible. Reaction is the enemy of all peoples of the world.

The world is going towards a total war with all forces taking positions accordingly. AKP is at the forefront of this positioning with all its reactionary character. To conceal its harmoniousness with the developments and to conceal concrete connections, the government immediately imposed a ban on all media coverage of the bombing only minutes after the incident.

Today death is all around the country not only with suicide bombs, but also with the Kurdish issue and the aggression on Syria. The government is killing innocent people in the Kurdish provinces and has its hand in the murdering of Syrian people through its direct support to the reactionary gangs there.

The only solution to this problem is through political struggle. All progressive and peace-loving forces throughout the world should be in solidarity with the corresponding forces in Turkey, against the reaction in this country that has become one of the leading enemies of peace. As the leading force of reaction, AKP should be the target of this political struggle. As peace protagonists we should leave behind any action for calling AKP to negotiations or expecting any kind of respect for peace from them.

We should not leave the issue of war crimes be dealt by the big powers, as the only real force that can stop the war crimes is the people itself.

What exploded in Istanbul is not only a bomb, but it is the filth that has been accumulated by this capitalist establishment.

Peace Association of Turkey