Imperialism will lose, Palestinian people will win

Monday, December 11, 2017

Israel’s intervention in the ongoing tensions in the Middle East has intensified again recently. Frequent bombings of Syria, the attempts to escalate the tension with Iran and similar interferences have come to the fore more often.

The U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is in parallel with such developments.

The U.S.-led Western imperialism has experienced significant problems in the Middle East for some time. The last period of intervention that intensified with the approach of moderate Islam and the following so-called Arab Spring process has turned to a grave failure due to the Syrian people’s heroic resistance and the interference of some other big capitalist forces.

Imperialism and its leading force the U.S. are trying to cut loose from this failure for some time. As this step shows, however, this attempt is based on escalating the tension so as to save the day rather than a certain strategy.

For this very reason, such steps are doomed to fail. Because the recent crisis that capitalism has gone through has upset the intra-imperialist balances and the balances between the big capitalist forces in the world; we are going through a period in which such balances have begun to be re-established. The possibility of war is gradually increasing on this basis.

Differences of opinion are witnessed in some important issues between the U.S. and the leading forces of Europe. Apart from such issues as Russia and Iran, the issue of Jerusalem has also become yet another dispute. In short, imperialism is struggling with its inner problems.

On the other hand, the Palestinian people have an advanced tradition of resistance. This step of the U.S. will remain inconclusive vis-à-vis the resistance of Palestinians.

The Peace Committee of Turkey salutes the resistance of the Palestinian people and thus emphasizes again that a fair and practicable solution is not possible without recognizing a free state of Palestine with its capital East Jerusalem, full member of the United Nations, with its borders drawn before June 4, 1967. All the Palestinian political prisoners must be released, and all the refugees should return to their homeland. Israel must put an end to its unlawful settlement implementations immediately. Israel must unconditionally withdraw from the territories it occupied in Syria and Lebanon.

The Peace Committee of Turkey will continue to act in solidarity with the Palestinian and Israeli peace forces which approach the issue in this manner. The joint struggle of the peoples will build peace.

Imperialism will be defeated; the Palestinian people will win.

Peace Committee of Turkey