On Bomb Attacks in Ankara, Turkey

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blood policies must be abandoned

Around a hundred people lost their lives and many more were injured in a bomb attack that took place in Ankara, Turkey, before the demonstration that bore the slogan "Against War, Peace Now". This attack aims at terrorising not only the demonstrators but the whole society. The perpetrators try to make our people accustomed to terror and violence. Their aim is to make the people feel desperate and thus stay away from the streets.

Whoever the perpetrator is, what lies under this attack is the blood policies of the governing party, AKP, that has been going on for years and that has been recently escalated. Reactionary Islamist gangs, which were fostered especially for the hostility against Syria, are now returning to Turkey, knowing that they have the guarantee of security from the AKP government. It is well known that these gangs are a part of AKP's blood policies. For years, they have been acting as subcontractors for imperialism's benefits and they are continuing this role for AKP's policies within Turkey.

The AKP government, which cannot tolerate even hearing about peace, does not hesitate to use every instrument for continuing its blood policies.

It is the duty of all peace-loving and progressive forces to stand against this. The best answer that our people can give to this violent attack in Ankara is to do this duty. This is the only way to respond to imperialism's and its collaborator AKP's desire for blood and to reach real peace.

Our people will not bow before imperialism and its collaborators.

Peace Association of Turkey
Istanbul, 10.10.2015