AKP's list of war crimes gets expanded

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Downing of a Russian fighter by the Turkish Armed Forces near the Turkish-Syrian border has added a new dimension to the bloody process that has been going on in Syria for the last several years. This new dimension, in which Turkey and Russia confronted each other, is in fact, a linear part of AKP's policies and their extreme point.

Turkey, who has been in search of having a role in imperialist plans in the Middle East, has been an extreme agent of the western imperialism. All of the crimes committed by the Turkish government, which are well known by the world, are the dirty work that the imperialists stay away from doing. And now AKP has taken an irrational action in the name of those that try to balance Russia's weight.

With this action, AKP has once again protected the jihadist gangs in the region, and has put both the Turkish people and the world in danger. Most probably, the AKP government is both a provocateur of war and NATO's pawn.

In order to reach real peace, the Peace Association of Turkey calls our people to show be aware of imperialism and its collaborators in Turkey, and to show its strength in order to put an end to this dangerous game.

War crimes will be accounted for!

Peace Association of Turkey