The WPC demands the release of the "Cuban Five"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The World Peace Council (WPC) is raising the voice of the millions of peace loving people around the world for the release of the remaining four (4) Cuban political prisoners from US jails.

15 years now the arbitrary and false accusations of the USA and its security mechanisms have led the 5 Cuban patriots to inhuman imprisonment, depriving them often even from vists of their families.

The WPC demands the immediate and unconditional release of Ramón, Gerardo, Fernando and Antonio who are victims of acts of revenge of the US administrations who can not accept for more than 50 years the fact that the Cuban people has chosen in 1959 a different path of development trough the triumph of the Revolution.

The arrest and imprisonment of the "Cuban Five" in 1998 and till today of the four of them, has pure political and ideological motives. It further constitutes a cynical and hypocritical act, since the US administration is carrying out supposedly a "war on terror" hosting and covering at the same time the terrorist groups in Miami, which were uncovered by the "Cuban Five".

The WPC expresses its solidarity to the five Cuban heroes, to their families and to the Cuban people. The World Peace Council stands firm on the side of the Socialist Cuba, its Revolution and leadership.

Free the Cuban Five- Solidarity with Socialist Cuba!

12th September 2013 The Secretariat WPC