We sign for Peace

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Castles of clouds gather on our collective horizon; the earth shakes under our feet.

Europe is experiencing times of crisis. A crisis that is political, financial and economical and cultural. We know how in the past these crises were "solved" through war.

But war has returned to Europe since the Balkans; the most reactionary right-wing forces win elections; the tragedy of refugees highlights Europe’s inability to respond with a joint system of protection. All over the world aggressions and military conflicts are taking place.

Meanwhile, we should have learned that war suspends in a terrible way the rights and freedoms that the European citizens have achieved. In particular, we know how the media is captured with propaganda and becomes a chain of lies that conceal the truth that lies either on this side or on that of the opponent. NATO not only does not help to solve these problems and but makes them worse.

The undersigned protest against the holding of a NATO summit in Warsaw, on July 8 and 9, and advocate peaceful means for the settlement of international disputes.

First signatories

Alfredo Maia – Journalist
André Albuquerque – Actor
António José Avelãs Nunes – Retired Professor of the Law Faculty of Coimbra University
Arménio Carlos – General Secretary of CGTP-IN
Augusto Flor – Anthropologist, National Associations’ Leader
Bernardino Soares – Mayor of Loures
Deolinda Machado – Leader of CGTP-IN, Catholic Activist
Frederico de Carvalho –Scientific Researcher. Vice-chairman of the Executive Council of the World Federation of Scientific Workers
Guilhermino Monteiro – Teacher and Musician
Ilda Figueiredo –President of the National Board of CPPC
Joana Dias Pereira – Historian, Municipal Director (Almada Municipal Council)
Joana Manuel – Actress and Singer
Joaquim Judas – Mayor of Almada
Joaquim Mesquita –Worker, Trade Union Leader, activist of LOC
Joaquim Santos – Mayor of Seixal
José António Gomes – Teacher, Writer
José Baptista Alves – Soldier of the April Revolution
José Goulão – Journalist
Luís Cunha – Musician
Manuel Begonha – Soldier of the April Revolution, President of the Association of the Conquests of the April Revolution
Manuel Gusmão – University Teacher, Writer
Manuel Loff – Historian, University Teacher
Rodrigo Francisco – Director of the Almada Theatre Company
Rui Garcia – Mayor of Moita and of the Association of Municipalities of Setubal Region
Rui Namorado Rosa – Researcher, Retired Professor
Tiago Santos – Musician (Cais do Sodré Funk Connection)
Vasco Pinto Leite – Engineer
Vítor Pinto Ângelo – Director of Teatro Extremo

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