We denounce the murderous US attack on Syria

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Even before three weeks have passed with the new US President Joe Biden in power, the first American bombings in Syria were carried out. In an unprovoked airstrike in eastern Syria last Friday, the United States dropped bombs that killed dozens of people. In fact, the murderous US strike was carried out under the pretext of de-escalating the situation in eastern Syria and Iraq and protecting US personnel and the coalition forces.

The Cyprus Peace Council (CCP) denounces this murderous US attack, which constitutes a flagrant violation of International Law, and we call on the Cypriot government to condemn it. The US attack on Syria is a slap in the face of those who believed that Biden's election and the change of government would at the same time change the foreign policy of this imperialist country. They ignore the fact that US foreign policy is determined by the war-mongering arms industry.

The US attack was also a slap in the face of President Anastasiades’ one-dimensional and pro-American policy, which is focused on forging dangerous military agreements with the US, Israel and other imperialist powers, believing that they will help us in the process of solving the Cyprus problem against Turkish aggression and intransigence. We also point out that the US military presence in the British bases in Cyprus, for several years now, has been established to be used for such aggressive raids on our neighbouring countries, involving Cyprus in dangerous imperialist plans.

The Cyprus Peace Council warns that in the period ahead of us the new US President will act to serve the interests of the representatives of capital, the multinationals and especially the military deep state, causing a new escalation of tensions and military interventions in the region of the Middle East.

Secretariat of the Cyprus Peace Council

Monday, 1st March 2021