Urgent Appeal

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The National Union of Syrian Students in an appeal to international student and youth
A humanitarian catastrophe befell our homeland, Syria, at dawn on Monday, February 6, 2023,
after it was exposed to a devastating 7.7 degree earthquake, resulting in an initial outcome of
hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, the collapse of tens of residential buildings, the
cracking of others, and severe damage to the infrastructure, which was followed by several
Despite the blockade and unjust sanctions against Syria and its people, the Syrian government and
all unions, syndicates and civil society organizations responded from the first moments by putting
all available financial, human and logistic capabilities in order to help and rescue citizens, treat the
wounded and injured, and secure the afflicted families in adequate housing, in addition to all other
assistance such as food, clothing, and others.
In the face of this devastating catastrophe and human tragedy, the National Union of Syrian
Students and the masses of students and the youth inside and outside Syria, appeal to all sister
Arab unions, organizations, associations, bodies and institutions and foreign friendly ones to move
quickly and urgently to put pressure on governments to:
- Immediately end the siege and unilateral coercive economic sanctions imposed on Syria and its
people for (12) years.
- Provide immediate and urgent aid to Syria and its people to mitigate the suffering and the impact
of the earthquake and the siege.
- Support and aid humanitarian situations in the world, and separate between humanitarian and
official political stances.
- Meet the appeals of Syrian students and communities, in terms of facilitating the arrival of cash
transfers for the benefit of those affected.
National Union of Syrian Students
Damascus 07/02/2023