Trump’s tyrannical attitude is simply not tolerable

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The U.S. President Donald Trump, ever known for his uncouth behaviour and uninformed utterances, is openly threatening India to comply with its dictates or face retaliation. This tyrannical attitude is simply not tolerable. All India Peace and Solidarity Organision condemns in strongest words President Trump's unacceptable, public threat. This is not the way a nation deals with another sovereign nation, much less when the entire world is engulfed in an unprecedented crisis.
AIPSO is for friendly relations between all countries of the world. At this critical moment in the history of mankind, it is also cognizant of the need of cooperation and extending humanitarian aid wherever required while putting aside political positions. Our members, associates and friends are doing their best to cope up with the situation. This is not the time for threats and piracy. President Trump should unconditionally apologize to the Indian people. The Govt of India should demand an apology from the U.S. president, instead of succumbing to its pressure and kowtowing to its dictates.

AIPSO Secretariat

New Delhi
8th April 2020