Statement of the WPC about the open escalation of military actions in and around the Ukraine

Friday, February 25, 2022

The World Peace Council is its deeply troubled with the recent developments in Ukraine with the recent military escalation. We call upon all sides to restore and secure peace and international security through a constructive dialogue through political means. The Russian and Ukrainian people as well as the peoples of the region have nothing to gain from this military conflict which may reach broader dimensions.

The WPC took clear positions towards the political and military maneuvers of the USA, NATO and the European Union since the Coup d’Etat of 2014 after which reactionary forces took power in Kiev with the open support of the imperialists. We have always opposed and condemned the military buildup of NATO in Eastern Europe and the encirclement of the Russian Federation. Likewise, we have denounced the criminal attack of Ukrainian military on the population of the Eastern provinces of Donbass.

However, the WPC believes that the unilateral recognition of the independence of the Ukrainian provinces by Russia not only undermines the founding principles of the Charter of the United Nations, but also creates justification for the future abuse of such methods by imperialist powers against other nations in the world.

The WPC is strongly against the eastward expansion of NATO and the incorporation of the Ukraine into it, a plan which served as ultimate step for the recent escalation. We are aware of the root causes for the situation which is related to the control of energy resources, pipelines, markets and spheres of influence. We are expressing our deepest concern about the consequences of this war and call upon all involved sides for ceasefire.

Peace needs to be restored in around Ukraine. The current military actions of Russia need to stop and NATO has to withdraw its troops and missiles from borders with Russia.

The WPC is opposed to imperialist war and aggression and calls upon its members and friends to take actions in this spirit.

The WPC Secretariat
25th February 2022