Statement of the World Peace Council in Solidarity with Georgi Buiko

Thursday, August 24, 2023

The World Peace Council (WPC) strongly conmdens the recent arrest of
the leader of the Anti-fascist Committee of Ukraine, member of the WPC,
Georgi Buiko. This action of the authorities of the NATO backed
Kiev-regime is one more violation of every sense of democratic right of
political expression against an activist who is also member of the
leadership of the Communist Party of Ukraine and former MP.
The “witch hunting” against anybody who did not accept and agree with
the Coup d’ Etat in 2014 in the Ukraine and everything what followed,
especially these days when the NATO-Russia war on Ukranian territory is
escalating again, is aiming to terrorize and intimidate any different
view in the Ukranian society, particualrly if it goes against NATO and
its role in the region. It is being added to the unacceptable
harrassments, kidnapping and arrest of the Young Communist leaders
Kononovich. The trial which started on 15th August in Kiev, constitutes
an act of political revenge and anti-communist hatred by the regime and
its mechanisms.
The WPC expresses its solidarity with Georgi Buiko and demands his
unconditional release. The WPC declares its solidarity with the
anti-imperialist peace loving forces in Ukraine who face the brutal
repression by the state mechanism.
The WPC supports the end of the war and a political way out based on
the International Law, without the involvement of NATO which is fueling
this war.

The WPC Secretariat 23rd August 2023