Statement of the World Peace Council on Cuba

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The World Peace Council (WPC) demands the immediate removal of Cuba from the “list of States sponsoring terrorism”. The infamous list created unilaterally and arbitrarily by the US administration, constitutes a blatant example of cynical and revengeful twist of facts, accusing Cuba of “harboring and sponsoring terrorism”, when the peoples of the world know too well that Cuba and its people are the victims of multiple acts of interference and subversive actions against the sovereign will of its people for more than 65 years. This “list” proves once more that the US administrations, regardless who is the inhabitant of the White House, have never given up their strategy of destabilizing the country and overthrowing the people’s power, since the triumph of the Revolution on 1st January 1959, which opened a new chapter in the history of Cuba.

The WPC expresses its full-hearted solidarity with the Cuban people and its Revolution, with the achievements and the defense of the sovereignty against any foreign interference in the domestic affairs of the country, for the right of the Cuban people to determine its fortunes alone, against the economic blockade and all other illegal unilateral coercive measures imposed by US imperialism and its allies on the island of the Revolution.

Cuba remains an example of selfless internationalist solidarity with the peoples in need!

Athens, 29th May 2024

The WPC Secretariat