Statement of the World Peace Council about Venezuela

Monday, February 16, 2015

The World Peace Council denounces the attempted destabilization of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its elected by the people government, by reactionary political and social forces in the country with the support of powerful centers in the USA and the EU.

One year after the violent street protests and barricades in the street of Caracas and other cities, where dozens of civilians have lost their lives and hundreds were injured, it becomes obvious that an economic war is taking place in Venezuela which is well coordinated and supported by several media and paramilitary groups with the aim to destabilize and overthrow the government by triggering the social discontent about exisiting or artificially created shortages and other social problems.

The WPC expresses its categorical condemnation towards the above efforts and underlines its support and solidarity with the people of Venezuela, for its right to choose its leadership and path of development,as they have done several times since 1998.

The World Peace Council furthermore stresses the need for people's unity against the subsversive anti-people's actions along with the need to deepen the Bolivarian process so that the people of Venezuela will become the real master of its fortunes and wealth.

We express our solidarity with our Member Organisation "Committee for International Solidarity" (COSI) and with the anti-imperialist forces in the country, calling all peave loving people in the world to express their solidarity with the people of Venezuela

Athens 16th February 2015
World Peace Council