Statement of the World Peace Council about the situation in Sudan

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The World Peace Council expresses its deep concern and worries about the ongoing
bloody war in Sudan whereas hundreds of civilians have been killed, thousands injured
and more than one million people have been internally displaced or forced to flee abroad.
As we have stated also earlier (28th April), this war is a “fierce power struggle between
factions of the ruling generals, between heavily armed militias, while it cannot hide the
interests of the foreign forces backing the clashes, including imperialist powers and
reactionary Arab regimes. This armed conflict has nothing to do with the aspirations of the
Sudanese people who suffered for decades long under dictatorial regimes and now under the
rivalry of competing factions of the military”.
The WPC strongly condemns the flagrant violations of human rights and the crimes against
the people of Sudan. The responsible perpetrators have to be brought to justice.
The WPC reiterates its solidarity with the Sudanese people and with the Sudan Peace and
Solidarity Committee, member of the WPC Secretariat. We support the struggle for freedom,
social justice and democratic civil rule.

The WPC Secretariat 17th July 2023