Statement of World Peace Council about International Day of Peace of UN

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The World Peace Council expresses on the occasion of the “International Day of Peace” of the United Nations its deep concern about the growing aggressiveness of imperialism in all corners of the world, but in particular these days about the growing waves of refugees fleeing for their lives from Syria, Iraq and North Africa, being victims of the imperialist wars and aggressions of all the last years. The millions of families with infants and babies trying to escape from the horror is the result of the policies of the “violent regime change” and of the “New Middle East” pushed forward by the USA, NATO and the E.U. with the pretext of “good governance” and “protection of civilian population”. The “Holy warriors” which have been created, financed and instructed by the imperialist forces, are carrying out crimes against humanity, while the USA and its willing allies from Turkey and the Gulf monarchies are continuing their interventions.

The WPC denounces the hypocrisy of the forces behind these crimes who are expressing their regrets for the millions of the refugees who are being victimized again and again, while maintaining the sanctions and isolation of the countries under attack. We call upon the United Nations to guarantee and secure safe passage for the refugees and their right to reach their destination in Europe, against the reactionary Schengen and Dublin agreements of the EU.

Commemorating the “International Peace Day”, we demand the end of the imperialist interventions, occupation and foreign interference in the Middle East and North Africa and the end of the war preparations by NATO in Eastern Europe with the deployment of 50.000 troops from the Baltic States till Bulgaria.

No more imperialist wars and interventions!

Athens, 21st September 2015