Statement of the Greek Peace Committee (EEDYE) on Iraq 18/6/2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The crisis and killings in Iraq are going on, having its people as victim. From the open imperialist invasion of the USA and its willing allies in 2003 hundreds of thousands Iraqis died, got injured, displaced along with the destruction of monuments of an ancient civilization, infrastructure and entire cities.

The imperialist intervention in 2003 took place with the pretext of the weapons of mass destruction, which were never found. Saddam Hussein,once man of the USA, got executed while the control of the oil went to the USA and its multinationals. The installation of a friendly to the USA and NATO regime in Baghdad did not solve of course any problem.The country is being divided into "three parts", the old "divide and rule" of the British led to new conflicts, religious and tribal, having as sole aim the geostrategical control of the region.

It is hypocrisy to regret today the loss of lives in Iraq without mentioning the ongoing occupation by the USA and the tragic consequences for the Iraqi people.

Till today in Iraq remains in place a private-mercenary army which controls amongst others the oil sources and the pipelines. The recent approachment of the Aircraft Carrier USS G.Bush to the region will create only new tensions and war engagement. Another war monger,Tony Blair is already talking about new bombings on targets in Iraq.

For EEDYE, the peace and anti-imperialist movement in Greece it is clear that the problems can not be solved by the ones who have substantially created them. The imperialists of the USA and NATO on the one hand and the extremist religious groups on the other hand can not bring peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq. They constitute the two sides of the same coin aiming in the manipulation and intimidation of the people, while the imperialist plan for "Great Middle East" pushes forward, with the support of the USA, NATO and the EU.

The Greek government, presiding this period over the EU, is bearing responsibilities for all the above, not only because it never opposed the imperialist plans but it is supporting them openly, as it was done in the cases of the sanctions against Syria, Iran and the intervention in the Ukraine.

It is in the interest of the suffering people of Iraq is to organize its struggle against all,domestic and foreign forces, who want the Iraqi people on its knees and instrument of religious and ethnic conflicts, so to become the real master of its country and the wealth it is producing.

The Secretariat of EEDYE