Statement for the earthquake of October 30, 2020

Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) expresses its warmest solidarity and support to the people of Samos, to the people and to the Peace Committee of Turkey, which are suffering by the catastrophic earthquake of October 30, 2020, with tens of victims, hundreds injured and incalculable material damage in both countries.

The latest developments with the catastrophic earthquake show once again in the most characteristic way the lack of earthquake protection measures and the long-term responsibilities of the governments of both Greece and Turkey, which in the face of the profits of the big business groups leave the people in both sides of the Aegean unfortified and unprotected in natural disasters. At a time when a lot of money is being given from both countries for military expences, the people's needs for earthquake protection projects are underfunded, entering the logic of "cost - benefit", with painful consequences for the people. It is clear in practice that the discussions of the previous period for the inclusion and development of civil protection mechanisms by NATO have absolutely nothing to do with the real needs of the people, but are aimed at serving its war plans.

Especially in a period when the contradictions, rivalries and aggression between the Turkish and Greek bourgeoisie are escalating, in the context of the general rivalries between the US - NATO - EU with Russia, China and the involvement of dozens of states in the region, It is clear that the people of Greece and Turkey have nothing that divides them. The rivalries between the bourgeoisie of the two countries have nothing to do with the popular needs, with the real interests of the two peoples.

It is necessity to take all necessary measures, such as:
• Immediate care and treatment of the injured.
• Immediate preventive measures for earthquakes.
• Immediate and complete restoration of damaged infrastructure, public buildings (schools, universities, etc.), roads, public housing.
• Compensation and comprehensive support for the victims.
• Substantial control of the suitability of all buildings, especially public services and workplaces, to protect the lives of workers and the population as a whole.
• Restoration and preservation of historical monuments.

The peoples of Greece and Turkey have the power through their struggle to put obstacles in this policy that breeds poverty, exploitation, which leaves the peoples defenseless in the face of natural disasters and on the other hand paves the way for the war. Now is the time for the common struggle to be intensified, so that each people to find its own way and become master in its country. To pave the way for a world with real peace, friendship, solidarity, mutual and beneficial relations between peoples, to "make the darkness shine", as it is noted by the great communist Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet.

Athens, October 31, 2020

The Secretariat of the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE)