Statement of Association of Soldiers against War - Czech Republic

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Association of Soldiers against War
The security situation on the European continent in the global context
The possible negative impact on the Czech Republic

After completion of the bipolar (ideological) division of the world, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and agreement of 2 major world powers (USA and USSR) on Disarmament, all nations expected a general appeasement, the end of the "cold war" reciprocal dissolution of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) that since the threat of "spreading the communism" has been removed it had lost its relevance. People were expecting peaceful development of international relations. The opposite is true. A new threat of "international terrorism" was born. The war against this new phenomenon is led not only by police forces of states, but mainly by military forces. There is a new assignment - a new enemy, by which not only further existence of NATO is justified, but rather NATO is even more developing, strengthening and expanding. The world is becoming increasingly dangerous.
Instead widely anticipated period of peaceful development and understanding between countries, there is a period of mistrust, "color revolutions", local armed conflicts, destabilization caused by artificially increasing number of countries. Under pressure from the US NATO initially declared mission of "joint defense of the North Atlantic area, the territory of the Member States alliance and shared values" is gradually changing and distorting. The first manifestation of this change was the US aggression against socialist Yugoslavia formally wrapped under the flag of NATO.
After 44 years of peaceful life in the ideologically divided world, a new round of a mad arms race starts again, now in the world with mostly the same politico-economic system. World once again stands on the threshold of war of global proportions with incalculable consequences, on the edge of a disaster.
In accordance with the Policy Statement and the Articles of our Association we carefully monitor and evaluate trends in ensuring the safety of both the Czech Republic and of the European continent in the global context since 1999. We noticed a few negative phenomena that significantly disrupt peaceful democratic development in international relationships and create the conditions for increased international tension. This leads to armed conflicts and local wars with the danger of global catastrophe. Several times we have to point out the responsible state officials.
Analyzing the causes of the crisis bordering the threat of war is based on (slightly) different than the officially declared conclusions. It is clearly a fulfillment of the geostrategic interests of the US and NATO in particular – strategy of approaching and expanding the Euro-Atlantic area to the immediate borders of Russia. Experience has shown that achieving these goals is happening still using the same "proven" methods of spreading fictitious, false and distorted information to initiate hysteria and antipathy close to hatred of the newly designated enemy. It was still practiced in all wars led by the United States and its NATO satellites. It is a rough violation, trampling and circumvention of still valid basic international legal standards particularly set by the United Nations Charter, international humanitarian law, the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference, as well as some articles of the Washington Treaty.
This can be summarized as follows:
• The goal of the US is to reach and dominate the major sources of oil and raw materials worldwide. To do this, they use all sorts of tools and resources including especially ruthless disruption of political power and social structures, causing religious intolerance, imposing their own ideology of power including anti-terrorist actions with the use of armed aggression.
• NATO itself adopts the right to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states, including military aggression without any UN Security Council resolution.
• From the US side an effort to break the ban on the use of military force in relations between states, with the exception of self-defense against an armed attack, is led.
• The US, with the participation of France, Germany and other NATO satellites, wrecking although undemocratic but stable regimes in Iraq, North Africa and Ukraine. This is the immediate cause of the mass exodus of the population of these states to Europe, especially to Germany through the states of the former Eastern Bloc. The people of these countries are exposed to potentially large security risks, causing them enormous material damage.
Based on our analysis of the international situation and security risks, we believe that
• The Final Act of the Helsinki conference is a good basis for the work of OSCE as the only universal organization bringing together all European countries except for the US, Canada and non-European countries of the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States.
• We believe that the time has come to change the Czech Republic's security issues by selecting a different path than the presence and activity of the Czech Republic in the military and security structures of NATO.
• The main security risk for the country is the continuing existence of NATO and active military participation of the Czech Republic in the alliance, including participation in military operations, NATO missions and operations that are in violation with the international law.
• The drawing-in of the Czech Republic and its army members in armed conflict for foreign interests and foreign services, primarily in the service of the United States, without appropriate decision of the UN Security Council, contrary to the UN Charter and universally recognized norms of international law, threatens the peaceful life in the country.
• There is a real threat of "terrorist" attack, respectively retaliatory actions of the affected or threatened States, against the US or NATO objects in our area including objects of the ACR (Army of the Czech Republic).
Current warmongering and permanent implementation of major military maneuvers of the US military and NATO member states in the area from the Baltic to the Black Sea, together with efforts to deploy troops of the "rapid response" and the US military bases on the territory of the former Warsaw Treaty does not contribute to calm this situation. It exacerbated international tension and it appears as an attempt to create a "cordon sanitaire" around the Russian Federation.
Therefore, we ask the Prime Minister:
By a legislative initiative to reach completion of the Czech Constitution by adding an article to protect the peace, or to adopt a Constitutional Law on the Protection of Peace.
• Consider any military doctrine, based on the leadership of preventive war as an open act against peace.
• Distance itself from the aggressive policy of the US and in its declaration described it as the originator of the collapse of the regimes of the above-mentioned States and the exodus of its population in Europe.
• Do not create a cordon sanitaire around the Russian Federation.
• Do not allow deployment of foreign armed forces and bases in the Czech Republic.
• Stop and not to allow passages and overflights of foreign armed forces through the territory of the Czech Republic.
• Stop the participation of the Czech Armed Forces in NATO missions.
• Announce a referendum on these issues, using relevant articles of the Constitution of the Czech Republic.

In Prague, 10.8.2015.
The Republic Council of the Association of Soldiers against War:
Jiri Bures, Retired Colonel, President of the Association
Council members: Oskar Marek, Retired General-Lieutenant, Michal Gondek, Retired General-Major, Professor Ing. Bohumil Svoboda MD, Retired Colonel, Otakar Vesely, Retired Colonel, Zdenek Eret, Retired Lieutenant Colonel

The opinion will be forwarded to:
President of the Czech Republic and Supreme Commander of the Czech Armed Forces; Czech Prime Minister and Czech ministers - Defense, Foreign Affairs and Interior Affairs; Presidents of both Chambers of the Czech Parliament; following Czech Parliament Committee: Petitions Committee, Committee for the Foreign Affairs, Committee for Defense and Security; the Chairmen of the political groups of Czech Parliament; ČTK (Czech Press Agency); President and Secretary of the World Council of Peace and member organizations of the World Council of Peace; President and the Secretariat of the International Committee of Reserve Officers, organizations and associations in the country.