Solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Today marks one month since around 1500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails started a hunger strike, protesting the denial by Israeli authorities to respect basic rights, enshrined in international law, like access to medical care, against the torture and other forms of violence they endure and for the right to receive family visits, amongst other demands.

At a moment when, given the duration of their protest, faced with the inflexibility of the Israeli Authorities, the health of these prisoners further deteriorates, we divulge a statement in “Solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails” cosigned by peace movement organizations from several countries, demanding the respect for the rights and the liberation of these political prisoners.

The statement:

Solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails

The undersigned organizations demand the respect for the rights and the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails, and state their heartfelt solidarity and strong concern for the health and well-being of the estimated 1500 of these prisoners on hunger strike since last April 17th.

The mass hunger strike, started on the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli jails, is a protest against their unjust imprisonment and the inhumane conditions they are subjected to.

Over one million Palestinians have passed through Israeli jails since the beginning of the occupation, around 6500 are presently detained including political leaders and elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 400 of these prisoners are under eighteen years old, 300 are being held without any charges, many have been imprisoned for decades.

Denouncing once more the policy of occupation, colonization, ethnic cleansing and terrorism by the State of Israel against the Palestinian people, with the support of US imperialism and EU complicity, we restate the Palestinian people’s sovereign right to constituting their independent and sovereign state, within the borders prior to the 1967 war, with its capital in East Jerusalem and the respect of the refugees’ right to return, according to the United Nations’ Resolution 194

Signatory Organizations:

All India Peace and Solidarity Organization

Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals – Serbia

Brazilian Centre for Solidarity with Peoples and Struggle for Peace

Czech Peace Movement

Forum Against the War – Italy

INTAL – Belgium

Peace and Neutrality Alliance – Ireland

Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation

South African Peace Initiative

Swiss Peace Movement

United States Peace Council

Civic Association Soldiers Against War - Czech Republic

Association for the Defense of Peace, Solidarity and Democracy - Iran

British Peace Assembly

Romanian Peace Council

Mexican Movement for Peace