Solidarity with Cuba

Monday, March 21, 2016

On the occasion of the visit of the President of the US to Cuba, on March 20-22, the organizations bellow decide to:

-Demonstrate their solidarity with Cuba and its heroic people that for more than 50 years resist the inadmissible economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US, which still stands, including its extra-territorial reach, and demand its immediate end.
- Express their support with Cuba's struggle for the end of the US naval base installed in Guantanamo, that is installed there against the will of the people of Cuba for more than 100 years, and reaffirm the demand that the jurisdiction to Cuba be respected over this territory, returning it to Cuba;
- Reaffirm the demand that the sovereign will of the Cuban people and the sovereignty and independence of Cuba be respected and all the pressures and form of intrusion by the US against Cuba cease, ending the policy of "regime change".
- Salute the solidarity of Cuba with threatened peoples and countries threatened by the imperialist intrusions and aggressions, like the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people, who defend their sovereignty in the face of the destabilization by the US.
- Salute, once more, the persistent role of Cuba in the defense of Peace, including the recent example their commitment in the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of Peace realized by the CELAC countries held in Havana, Cuba on January 28-29, 2014, that includes the absolute respect for independence and sovereignty, the inalienable right of any State to decide their political, economic, social and cultural system without any intrusion; and equality and reciprocity.
- Salute the resistance, courage and coherence of Cuba and its people in defense of their patriotic and internationalist cause, their Revolution, element of hope for the struggle of peoples for freedom, human rights, sovereignty, justice and social progress, for Peace.

Brazilian Centre of Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace
Civic Association Soldiers Against War – Czech Republic
Cyprus Peace Council
Finnish Peace Committee
German Peace Council
Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace
International Action for Liberation – Belgium
Movement for Peace - France
Peace and Neutrality Alliance - Ireland
Peace Association of Turkey
Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation
Swiss Peace Movement