Solidarity with the Brazilian people

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Given the authentic institutional coup against the Brazilian People, with the destitution of Dilma Rousseff, elected president with 54 million votes by Brazilian citizens, and driven from the Presidency by 61 votes by senators with no judicially valid justification, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) manifests its solidarity with Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian people, with CEBRAPAZ and all the progressive Brazilian forces that continue to defend democracy, justice and social progress.

CPPC underlines that the Brazilian people have been the target of attacks against democracy and rule of law, organized by anti-democratic and retrograde sectors, who have resorted to the most serious processes and actions of subversion of the Brazilian constitutional order, fostered by the big economic and financial groups, seeking to achieve the objectives they didn't attain by elections: to remove the legitimately elected President and revert the progressive achievements conquered by the Brazilian people.

In this manner, the retrograde forces, including sectors of the judiciary and senators (many of which are implied in proceedings like "Lava Jato"), who departed from their duty to defend, abide and enforce the Brazilian Constitution, transformed institutions into instruments at the service of anti-democratic forces. They main objective is to defeat the process initiated in 2003 with the election of President Lula da Silva, and setback the rights of workers and people, the living conditions of dozens of millions of Brazilians with benefited from the adopted progressive measures.

The complex situation in Brazil is intimately tied to the encroachment and destabilization promoted by the US in several Latin American countries with the objective of defeating the processes and advances achieved in the affirmation of sovereignty and the rights of peoples, of processes of cooperation and integration outside the reach of the dominion of the United States.

CPPC repudiates this authentic institutional coup in Brazil and expresses its solidarity and confidence that the Brazilian people will continue to struggle and intervene towards a path that ensures their sovereignty, democracy, rights, cooperation and peace.

CPPC National Leadership