For Peace in Syria

Thursday, November 10, 2016

End to the encroachment and aggression

For the respect of Syria's sovereignty and independence

For more than five years Syria and its people have faced a cruel aggression, resulting from foreign encroachment and the terror action of mercenary groups, financed, trained and armed by the US, France, the UK, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar among other countries. A war of aggression that caused hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, millions of displaced and refugees, the destruction of a country, with all that means for the life of workers and the people in general.

The groups of terrorists that act in Syria – like Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, among many others – are responsible for the more heinous crimes against populations, spreading a sectarian violence, seeking to destroy the Syrian State, including its secular, lay tradition, of religious freedom, where several faiths have long coexisted peacefully.

Like the wars of aggression upon Iraq and Libya, the war against Syria is part of the objective of the US of imposing its dominion upon the Middle East and is also accompanied by a wide media campaign of manipulation and lies with the objective of making wars of aggression acceptable and justifiable.

In Syria, the US and its allies attempt to impose a «regime change», through a brutal war and its parade of death, suffering and destruction, disrespecting the sovereignty and rights of the Syrian people, including its more elementary human rights and the principles of the United Nations Charter.

The US and its allies – like Israel and Turkey – disrespect the independence and territorial integrity if Syria, not only by their active support to mercenary groups, but also with their direct military intervention in Syria, against the authorities of this country and international legality.

Russian and Iranian military forces are also in Syria who, along with the Syrian forces, fight mercenary groups. A presence and military support at the request of the Syrian authorities and respecting the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of this country. The insistence of the US and their allies in the escalation of the confrontation, in the aggression to the Syrian people and the fragmentation of the Syrian Arab Republic, increase the risks of the worsening of the conflict, with unpredictable consequences.

The forces of peace, all who defend and are concerned with the rights of the peoples and human rights, all those that took a stand against the war on Iraq and on Libya, should not remain indifferent before a war of aggression against Syria and its people.

Only the Syrian people should decide their present and future, free from any foreign encroachment.

Therefore, the undersigning organizations, concerned with the continuation and worsening of the war of aggression upon Syria, with the risks the situation represents for world peace:

- Demand the end of encroachment and aggression upon Syria and the support to mercenary groups and their action of terror and destruction;

- Demand the urgent support to the affected populations, the millions of displaced and refugees, victims of war and aggression.

Undersigning organizations (to the moment):

CPPC – Conselho Português para a Paz e Cooperação
CGTP-IN - Confederação Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses – Intersindical Nacional
AAPC - Associação de Amizade Portugal-Cuba
CPCCRD – Confederação Portuguesa das Colectividades de Cultura Recreio e Desporto
JCP – Juventude Comunista Portuguesa
MPPM - Movimento pelos Direitos do Povo Palestino e pela Paz no Médio Oriente
STML – Sindicato dos Trabalhadores do Município de Lisboa
FNSTFPS - Federação Nacional de Sindicatos de Trabalhadores em Funções Públicas e Sociais
MURPI - Confederação Nacional de Reformados, Pensionistas e Idosos
Ecolojovem - «Os Verdes»
SPRC - Sindicato dos Professores da Região Centro
Mó de Vida – Cooperativa
USNA – União dos Sindicatos do Norte Alentejano
Associação "Os Pioneiros de Portugal"
FESAHT – Federação dos Sindicatos de Agricultura, Alimentação, Bebidas, Hotelaria e Turismo de Portugal
CPQTC – Confederação Portuguesa dos Quadros Técnicos e Científicos
FIEQUIMETAL - Federação Intersindical das Indústrias Metalúrgicas, Químicas, Eléctricas, Farmacêutica, Celulose, Papel, Gráfica, Imprensa, Energia e Minas
USL - União dos Sindicatos de Lisboa / CGTP-IN
CMA-J – Colectivo Mumia Abu-Jamal