NATO out of the Aegean Sea!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Common Statement of the Peace Movements of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus about the direct involvement of NATO in the Aegean Sea and broader area

5th March 2016

The EEDYE, the Peace Association of Turkey and the Cyprus Peace Council express their deep concern about the recent developments with the direct presence of NATO in the Aegean Sea. Sharing the feelings with the vast majority amongst our three peoples we declare with one voice:

NATO out of the Aegean Sea!

The recent developments with NATO’s involvement in the Aegean with the pretext to “protect” the Greek-Turkish borders and “face” the flow of refugees, confirm with facts that we have a move in order to justify the permanent deployment of NATO in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, in the framework of scopes and antagonisms related to the ongoing war in Syria and the imperialist plans in Libya and elsewhere.
The recent decision of the European Union to involve NATO in the area, followed by NATO’s decision itself, constitute a serious escalation and worsening of the general situation. The hypocritical decision which was taken upon a common proposal of Greece-Turkey and Germany and the first days of its implementation prove clearly the real motivation behind.

The Escalation of the war in Syria by the imperialist forces, the involvement of Russia upon invitation of the Syrian government in the war against the so-called Jihadists, the ongoing terrorist attacks in Turkey have created a dangerous and unpredictable war scenario in our region. Additionally and in combination with all the above our peoples are facing new nightmares daily, witnessing the tragedy of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are running for their lives after having violently been displaced by the fear, fighting the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
Our three anti-imperialist peace movements have agreed in the framework of the trilateral cooperation as well as in the framework of the WPC, that behind the imperialist wars and aggressions and misery, the interventions and bombings lay the imperialist plans for a “New Middle East”, implemented jointly by the USA, NATO and the E.U. together with reactionary gulf regimes in order to secure energy resources, their transport routes and spheres of influence.

The governments of our three countries, in absolute contradiction with the feelings of our peoples, support these plans, engaging our peoples in dangerous and reactionary war games. The armed groups of “holy warriors” are just the other side of the same coin of the imperialist agenda, serving as alibi and justification for the escalation of the conflicts and the terrorization of the peoples.

Being consequent in our struggle for the disengagement of our countries (Greece, Turkey) and against the affiliation (Cyprus) to the imperialist war machine of NATO, we denounce the presence of NATO’s fleet in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and demand its complete withdrawal.
We furthermore demand:
•To end the foreign interventions and wars of the USA,NATO and EU and of all others involved
•To cancel the Dublin and Schengen Agreements along with the Frontex and other repressive mechanisms of the EU. No to the repression of the refugees by the EU in its borders.
•The direct transfer of the refugees and migrants to the countries of their destination under the responsibility of the UN and the EU.
•To create humane and dignified conditions for the reception and hosting of the refugees
•The abolition, in our three countries, of all foreign military Bases, which are providing infrastructure and support with the consent of the governments, for the imperialist wars.

No participation in the imperialist plans and crimes!