Message of condolences to COSI for the loss of Victor Hugo Morales - Victor Hugo Morales- Presente!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

To the Committee for International Solidarity and Struggle for Peace (COSI)
Dear Comrades
It is with sadness and grief to receive the news about the demise of our beloved and respected
comrade and friend, Commander of the Navy, Victor Hugo Morales, honorary President of COSI.
The WPC recalls with pride the lifetime contribution and struggles with the revolutionary
Movement in Venezuela from various posts, including his participation in many WPC meetings and
activities, amongst them the 19th Assembly of the WPC, held in April 2004 in Caracas.
Comrade Victor Hugo was a dedicated revolutionary and a man of principles, a genuine patriot
and internationalist with a wisdom accumulated in difficult times of the struggle in Venezuela.
His decisive contribution and leadership in the armed rebellion of 1962 against the R.Betancourt
government, known as “El Porteñazo” was a glorious act of resistance against and a signal to end
the rule of the bourgeoisie and oligarchy in Venezuela. He championed by this action for the civilmilitary unity of the people in very early times. He served as Member of the Venezuelan Parliament
and of the Andean Parliament and in many other functions.
For all of us who had the tremendous honor to meet and know comrade Victor Hugo later as
President of COSI we won a friend and comrade in the common struggle against imperialist
exploitation and wars in the common family of the World Peace Council which he always supported
We recall our meeting during our historical tour in the Middle East in 2009 and our visits to Syria
and Lebanon in which he contributed decisively for its success. In so many other WPC meetings we
shared the common agony and concerns about the strengthening of the anti-imperialist peace
We have learned a lot from his principled and humble role in the WPC, from his love to
the Venezuelan people and his genuine internationalist approach on so many issues.
Victor Hugo Morales will live and serve as example for our future struggles!
We convey our sincere condolences and solidarity to his family, the Communist Party of Venezuela
(PCV) and COSI

The Secretariat of the WPC
Athens, January 24, 2024