Fidel, an advocate for world peace and solidarity between the peoples

Monday, August 15, 2016

Commemorating the 90th birthday of the Cuban Revolution's historical Leader, Fidel Castro, is celebrating generosity, solidarity, internationalism, bravery and dignity. Fidel is the greatest world leader of our time.

By Socorro Gomes*

Fidel Castro is a political leader who added to the strategies of the Cuban state principles of solidarity with and between all peoples in the world. Cuba’s foreign policy is based on principles that strengthen peace, cooperation and friendship, putting the people and their most essential needs, humane and fair needs, as priorities.

The peoples victim of imperialist aggressions, such as the US’ and the European powers’, have always had in Commander Fidel and his people postures of active solidarity, including in the struggle for the integration of our America. Inspired by José Martí, great hero of the Cuban independence and transformative struggle, Fidel Castro is personally serene and sustains dignifying positions and principles, and he will also be always among the peoples’ heroes.

His life is the constant defense of the noblest values of the humankind in the construction of a new civilization, overcoming the logic of oppression, exploitation and wars.

The struggle against weapons of mass destruction is also his, in denunciation of the growing threats of a generalized war and a possible “nuclear winter” caused by the employment of these tools of destruction and death. To Fidel and to the peace movements, the only way of preventing the catastrophe is by eliminating nuclear weapons once and for all – and this is yet another front in which we join the Commander. “It is already time for the world to think again about the dangers of nuclear weapons, and that this time it takes the path to peace”, he wrote in a Reflection in 2010.

Fidel is a true example of the struggle for peace in the world, of the strengthened internationalist solidarity, of cooperation and friendship between the nations, who rise in pride and defense of their sovereignties, and in brave resistance to imperialist domination. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the struggle for a sovereign and friendly integration for a common progress, which has the workers, the peasants, the youth, the women, the blacks, the indigenous peoples and all popular layers that are historically exploited or excluded in the center of the concerns is inspired by the Cuban Revolution, the hope brought about by Fidel and his comrades.

Peace movements all over the world have the honor of being able to count on the wisdom of the Revolutionary commander, whose ideas are always lucid, determined and of an incomparable fairness, expressed in his many speeches, texts and in his practices.

Fidel Castro has inspired generations of peace and justice lovers, with his example of a great soul e firm convictions. He is a revolutionary humanist, a resolute and determined socialist, in the constant and dedicated struggle against oppression, for popular sovereignty and for friendship among the peoples.

*Socorro Gomes is the President of the World Peace Council