Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) expresses its deep concern about the recent developments in Ukraine. The confrontation between the US - NATO - EU and Russia is escalating dangerously, on the ground of all the events that took place in the region of Ukraine from 2014 until today.
It is becoming clear that the source of these fierce rivalries are the vast wealth-producing resources on Ukrainian territory, the energy pipelines, the cargo routes, the spheres of influence and who will control them, always to the detriment of the Ukrainian people and the peoples of the region.
The accumulation of enormous firepower in the region and in general on the border with Russia once again that the dozens of US-NATO exercises and drills, such as "Defender Europe 2021", "Atlantic Resolve" and many more, in which our country actively participated are rehearsals of war, targeting other peoples.
The government of “New Democracy” bears huge responsibilities because with its policy it deeply involves the country and our people in this tangle of competition, with unpredictable consequences. It finds the support of the other bourgeois parties, which, despite their supposedly individual differences, are lined up fully with the Euro-Atlantic plans, for the sake of the “upgrade” of the interests of the Greek bourgeoisie.
Continuing SYRIZA's policy, the government engages in involvement into US-NATO plans. The Greek-American Military Agreement that was signed and that it intends to bring to the Parliament for ratification in the near future is a magnet of danger. It targets our people and our country. It turns it into a huge military base, but also a target of retaliation. The warning statements of the Russian ambassador in Athens last week are typical of the dangers that may occur. They reveal that in contrast to the fairy tales of the supposed benefits of the existence and expansion of Euro-Atlantic infrastructure, the reality underscores the great dangers.
Especially with the developments in Ukraine the government is playing with the wick of war. It undertakes dangerous political and diplomatic initiatives, while at the same time the military infrastructures in Alexandroupolis and Souda are called upon to play the role of promoting heavy equipment and military units towards the Ukraine and in Eastern Europe in general.
That's enough! EEDYE expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all peoples of the region; and calls on the Greek people to be ready and vigilant in the face of serious developments. The fight against the involvement in the US-NATO-EU war plans needs to be intensified even more decisively.
In order not to use Alexandroupolis, Souda and any Euro-Atlantic infrastructure from Greek territory for operations in the Ukraine and the region. To dismantle the US-NATO bases. For the return from abroad all the missions of the Greek armed forces.

Athens, 15/2/2022

The press office of EEDYE